Yenching Global Symposium, China 2019

Nominations for the 2019 Yenching Global Symposium are now open. The Yenching Global Symposium (YGS) is an annual event that brings together people from different sectors and generations with a common interest: China. The Yenching Global Symposium will be hosted by the Yenching Academy of Peking University, Beijing, China and will be held from March 29 to 31, 2019.

About the Conference
This year’s three-day event, which will be held in March 2019, will be combined with engaging speakers and interactive events on the subject of the Surmen: China’s history will be told again. This conference brings together leading international experts and experienced young professionals from a variety of disciplines to form a highly focused and application-oriented learning experience platform.

They offer ambitious students and young professionals from all over the world the opportunity to come to China and be inspired by:

a diverse group of global scientists from renowned universities;
Practitioners from a variety of disciplines, including art, history, culture, innovation, politics and economics;
Lecturers from leading universities, companies and international organizations.
The symposium is a platform to connect Chinese leaders, generations and different disciplines. It helps you meet with inspiring and like-minded peers, such as leading experts, who share your interest in China. These interactions take place at Peking University, China’s largest university.

As a delegate, you have the opportunity to share your innovation experiences as you work with others to generate fruitful exchanges and frameworks for China’s toughest issues.

Scholarship Level/Field
Yenching global symposium 2019 are available for ambitious students and young professionals in all fields related to history, arts and culture. Get access to other history scholarships, click on the link

Host Nationality
Yenching global symposium 2019 is hosted in Peking University, China. If you are an international student and you desire to study in China. Check out the best scholarships obtainable for study in China

Scholarship Benefits
If you are selected as a delegate, the Yenching Global Symposium covers your fully-funded travel and return flight, accommodation and meals for the duration of the Beijing conference. Delegates are required to pay visa fees (if any), and it is recommended to provide money for personal expenses, visits, etc.

Eligible Nationality
The Yenching global symposium is for international young professionals from all nationalities. Read also if you wish to study outside your home country Simple and Detailed Answers about Applying and Winning a Scholarship.

Scholarship Number
The number of offers is not specified

Eligibility for Scholarship
Open to delegates from around the world and from different disciplines.
Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in any field; applicants can be young professionals (holding a Bachelor’s degree) or students (post-graduate/Master’s degree and higher).
Strong interest in learning about China and engaging in nuanced, interdisciplinary discussions which address critical societal issues relating to China;
Leadership potential;
English proficiency;
Hold a valid passport (does not expire within 6 months of visa application date- January/February 2019);
Have never attended any of the previous Yenching Global Symposiums or Yenching Social Innovation Forums;
Bonus: Involvement in China-related activities- academic, voluntary, professional, extra-curricular activities.
They welcome and encourage applications from all qualified individuals regardless of race, ethnic origin, religion, age, colour, gender, sexual orientation, educational backgrounds, ability or disability.

Application Procedures

They ask you to submit a CV and the duly completed online application form.

Click the following Link to commence the application

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Application Deadline:
The Yenching Global Symposium will be held from March 29 to 31, 2019.

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